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The awakening mind


The Awakening MindIsolation and the Awakening Mind by Julian Wash

Dear Humans,

Today I wish to address to you a certain brand of loneliness. It is perhaps the most debilitating form of the condition. The state is sometimes referred to as “isolation” or the sense of being disconnected, apart, abandoned or simply “different” from everyone else you know. This situation is compounded when friends, coworkers and even family members begin seeing you differently. They’re not so much intrigued by your positive changes but rather disappointed by your shift in attitude and may even be concerned for your mental stability. These otherwise well-meaning souls are occasionally characterized as the “sleeping” and you may very well be part of the “awakening.”

Generally speaking, the awakening mind radiates at a much different and “higher” vibration than most other people. Since this “vibration” wants to resonate harmonically with similar or complimentary energies, it can (and often does) resonate with like-minded people. It can, however, just as easily create discord with those who resonate at a much lower vibration. Just imagine striking a non-complimentary note on separate pianos, especially with one out of tune. That’s the discord I’m referring to, except in this case, the resonance resides within the psychic and spiritual realms.

I speak in terms of “higher” and “lower” vibrations without truly qualifying what is meant by that. First off, there is no state superior to another. Like changing stations on a radio dial YOU choose the station you need (or want) to be on. Most people are tuned to what I consider to be a limited awareness. This does not make them any less sublime or capable as Humans. This is merely the channel they are “tuned” to and as such they are acclimated with that world.

This vibrational density is impressive in its own right for it has the power to generate fantastic illusions so convincing that even the conscious mind can fully buy into it. This ability to manifest a false paradigm and to believe it to be true requires considerable power. But you, my dear reader, may have peeked behind the proverbial projector screen and have seen an assembly of gears and levers and perhaps even a portly, unassuming little man attending them with due diligence.

Stepping Out of the Matrix

The awakening mind —now that’s a different story. The higher vibration of this mind-body state allows a more commanding view. Like stepping up a ladder, you can look down and see (though not really live) the dynamics of the lower vibrations. Each step up the ladder requires tremendous courage, an open and curious mind and a high degree of “functional” intelligence. Those steps command effort -much more effort than what most are willing to exert. Sleepers may go so far as to observe or even stumble over this hypothetical “ladder” and still not recognize what it is or how they may benefit from it.

People on the lower rungs of the ladder rarely look up. They choose to frequently look “down” which may give them a false sense of superiority or dominion over their world. They are especially prone to the hypnotic suggestion television creates and may even go so far as to “act out” various fictional characters or their favorite professional athlete. The lower state is easily entertained- and anything or anyone who challenges their status quo will be dismissed as an outsider, a misfit or a threat.

The Slide and Adrenalin

I have alluded to a ladder- but now I would like for you to imagine a slide. Going “up” the slide takes some effort. You must go up the steps, higher and higher until you reach the top. One may then position themselves in such a manner so to enjoy the ride downward. This downward “thrill” is brief but exhilarating. The slide provides a good physical example of going from a higher state to a lower state and the ensuing thrill from moving in this downward fashion.

There are also many examples of the slide analogy within the spiritual realm. Turn on any news station and you will soon be bombarded with “energy dropping” stories that create a sort of “rush” –a rush that, curiously enough, is habit forming. These news sources often report stories of tragedy and high drama. So severe are these stories they actually can cause the body to produce an adrenalin related “rush” or high. Once again we find ourselves “sliding” down that imaginary slide and into a lower vibrational state. The “mainstream” news networks have created legions of adrenalin junkies. The “sleepers” are their primary target.

During the course of their day, the sleepers gradually build their energy level back up. But soon they find themselves back on that hypothetical slide and are sent swooshing down once again into a lower energy state. It’s a vicious, repeating cycle that keeps the sleepers fast asleep and drunk happy on adrenalin.

Lonely at the Top

Many readers of Rattleberry Pie have stayed on top of the ladder long enough to take in the view. They’ve recognized that the view is more exhilarating than the fall. They saw many things up there- things that would be hard to describe to those below. The awakening mind continues to build “steps” higher and higher, and soon they are peeking above the clouds. Now they look down from this lofty position and see the tiny dot that was their slide. They are amazed by how that relatively insignificant slide inspired them to move higher. Sliding down from this cloud level height is really no longer an option, at least not in the traditional sense. Here is yet another dilemma of the awakening mind.

Once you have experienced the process of awakening there really is no going back. The one (down) side is the higher you get, the more rarefied the air becomes. Loneliness can settle in. The awakening mind is an exceptionally vibrant mind that requires considerable stimulation and camaraderie. But it’s lonely up there. Indeed.

Final Thought

The awakening experience is truly a gift. It’s is not for the weak or the meek. It takes much strength and courage to achieve these higher levels of enlightenment. Those who are awakening come in all sizes and shapes –many are the so-called Indigo’s, the Crystal’s, or essentially any Human that realizes their personal power and potential and that there is much more to this world than they’ve been told.

One may ponder if those in the process of awakening have a moral obligation to try and wake the sleepers. From my own observation and experience I would advise against this. Simply let them sleep. The best way to reach them is over time. Be gentle and incremental in your approach. This is the same technique the “powers that be” have used on you -that was until you saw a little “string” that connected to other strings that held the tapestry of the matrix in place.

So be an example. Radiate with love and truth. -Project health, exuberance and happiness. Be aware without being angry (easier said than done). The sleepers must see the higher steps of the ladder as being worth the effort. They may someday abandon the rush of the fall for the beauty of the view.

Just by virtue of being aware you are already contributing in a vast and energetic way to those around you. They “sense” your vibration and may try to resonate with you some day. You have been given “eyes to see” and “ears to hear” so you have been blessed. Yes, until others begin to see as you do the loneliness -the isolation can feel very real at times.

Let me remind you that you are not alone. We feel you out there- we are grateful for your presence and we love you so very, very much.

-Until next time


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13 Ways to improve digestion


13 Ways To Improve Digestion Naturally from BeWellBuzz

13 Ways To Improve Digestion Naturally from BeWellBuzz


The most common cause of many health challenges are due to a broken digestive system. This can happen due to overuse of antibiotics, stress, excess alcohol, infection, etc. Most people don’t even realize their digestive system is not working properly. If you experience any of the following you may have sub-optimal digestion: heartburn, bloating, burping, headache, post-meal sluggishness, feeling full but still hungry, cravings, constipation, diarrhea. There are many other indicators, but what you need to know is that if your digestive system is not functioning properly you will be unable to break down, absorb and assimilate the nutrients you are eating. This means that you are expending energy eating but you are failing to nourish and replenish the body with the nutrients needed to allow the body to function at an optimal level. Below I will give you 13 tips to help optimize digestion (in no particular order).

1. Avoid foods that irritate your digestive system

Foods like gluten, dairy, corn, soy, nuts, eggs, chocolate, citrus fruits can be harsh on your digestion. Some can tolerate these foods better than others. Thinking about how you feel after you eat these foods can be particularly helpful. If you experience any bloating, brain fog, skin problems, etc. you should consider avoiding. Try cutting out one at a time to determine what is affecting your health.

2. Eat More Fat!

Advice is often given to avoid fat and protein when constipated and up the fiber (the FIBER!!!). Turns out, fiber can be very hard to digest for some people, and that it can contribute to additional gut problems. Guess what is slippery and does help things glide right along? Yep… FAT!

Especially those who struggle with constipation can benefit from adding a lot more fat (from good sources) to the diet. Fats we consume regularly are coconut oil, grass fed butter, animal fats from healthy sources (including lard and tallow), fermented cod liver oil (excellent source of fat soluble vitamins and Omega-3s) and olive oil (never heated). The fats we don’t consume ever? Vegetable oils and margarine

3. Supplement

In my opinion the single most effective remedy to improve digestion is to supplement with digestive enzymes and/or hydrochloric acid. These are both critical for breaking down food into a form that can be easily absorbed. This is only a patch so you will need to follow the other tips to ensure that you “fix” your digestive system.

4. Probiotics / Fermented Foods

The human gut is teeming with bacteria, and this is vitally essential. Unfortunately, if the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the gut gets tipped in the wrong direction, a lot of digestive disturbances can follow.

We don’t take many supplements regularly but a high quality probiotic is one supplement that everyone in our family takes daily. We also consume fermented foods (see below) but adding in a high quality probiotic has made a big difference in digestive health for us.

Another great way to boost beneficial gut bacteria and improve digestive health is to eat fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi, they all contain bacteria, which can help balance and nourish your digestive system. Be warned, you should consume in very small quantities at first as they are very powerful.

5. Eat bone broth

Homemade bone broth is an incredibly nutrient dense food and it is also very inexpensive to make. Broth is packed with minerals, gut-soothing gelatin and amino acids proline and glycine. Broth’s natural gelatin content helps sooth the digestive track and improve nutrient absorption. Our children get bone broth from a very early age, as it is also a great natural source of minerals.

6. Start each meal with something bitter

Bitter foods tell your body that is time to start producing those digestive juices. Bitter greens such as dandelion, arugula, Swedish bitters (non-alcoholic), a shot of apple cider vinegar can all do the trick.

7. Chew your food long

The first phase of digestion is selecting the right foods, the second phase is chewing your food properly. This can be a challenge for most people. I used to be the fastest eater at the table now I am the slowest. In the beginning it can help to count your chews, aim for 20 chews per bite.

8. Practice mindful eating

Think about the smell, taste and texture of your food. When possible, cook your food as this helps naturally stimulate the process. If you really want to get serious you can hunt, catch, grow and pick your own food.

9. Improve Bathroom Posture

Turns out our bathroom posture may be causing more problems that we realize. There is increasing research (and age old evidence) that squatting to use the bathroom is not only more efficient and more natural, but also helps avoid common digestive disturbances (and even bigger problems like hemorrhoids.

To fix this problem, it seems we simply need to adopt a more natural squatting position instead of the sitting position many of us use today. While squatting on the actual toilet seat is one solution, I personally don’t recommend it if you are pregnant, have balance issues, or simply aren’t already a very strong squatter.

At our house, we have a Squatty Potty in each bathroom as a simple way to improve bathroom posture (and a great random conversation starter with visitors!). If adding a piece of bathroom furniture isn’t your thing, a couple of small upside-down buckets or a regular stool will work almost as well.

10. Soothe

The following will help sooth, nourish and restore the lining of the digestive tract. Here’s a great list of items to utilize:

fresh ginger
bone broth
slippery elm
cabbage juice
marshmallow root
DGL licorice
11. Support your liver

Your liver performs loads of functions in the body, one of them is to produce bile. Bile helps you breakdown fat, which in turn helps you absorb fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). If you don’t have adequate bile your digestion will suffer and you will often feel very sluggish after a meal that includes fat. Foods that are supportive of the liver are beets, beet greens, artichokes, dandelion, high quality protein and good old organ meats like liver.

12. Balance Your Solar Plexus

If you practice yoga, meditation or are familiar with Ayurvedic medicine you will be familiar with the solar plexus or 3rd chakra. This region of the body is located where people typically refer to their stomach, from the navel up to just below the chest. By stimulating the third chakra through yoga, Qigong and mediation you can help support optimal digestion.

13. Rule Out Infection

If you have cleaned up your diet and have followed the tips above for 30-60 days and still see no improvement you may be dealing with a fungal, parasite or other bacterial imbalance that needs a more targeted protocol to address. Consult with a health practitioner for more details.

TIP – Contrary to popular belief, heartburn is usually the result of too little stomach acid. A quick fix for heartburn can be a shot of apple cider vinegar. To permanently fix the problem it is best to follow the tips above, especially with regard to hydrochloric acid supplementation.



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– See more at: file:///home/ansie/Downloads/13%20Ways%20To%20Improve%20Digestion%20Naturally%20from%20BeWellBuzzEvolution%20Ezine.html#sthash.O8tB2K3i.dpuf

Not as above so below !

How does heaven look? Is there golden streets and are the people sitting on clouds playing harp all day? Do you think it is just like earth but maybe a little brighter and nicer? I wondered and read a lot about it ,and got a lot of different answers from different people. If you want a lively party just ask people what do they think how does it look up there!

sunset met plante


And then suddenly one day i hear a voice in my head speaking to me! I had lots of problems at that stage and was seriously looking for answers.I was very afraid and was wondering if i was finally around the bend. Because in my world there is no voices talking in my head.From that day on i was clairaudient ,as i learned later they called it.That is now 5 years back and still the people from above is talking to me!! They told me they are God’s helpers.Their work was to help me understand things and help me through life.They  place me in situations on earth where i can learn the best ways to handle crisis and to grow!!! So it is not me alone who is talking to you,my friends from above is here too!

Now back to our first question. How does it look in heaven? They say it will look to everyone as he believe it will. If you want golden streets you will have it and if you think it looks the same as on earth then it will. That’s why they call it heaven!!! Everyone will get what he wants!! Unbelievable! That must then be heaven!!! There are some things that we don’t have words for on earth because we don’t have it here. So it is always difficult to tell me about them! But we will try our best to tell you everything they are allowed to! There are no cars and aeroplanes. You have only to think about a place or a person and then you are there!!! Just by thought!! The climate is ideal, not too warm and not too cold,just right, like  the porridge of the three bears.

There is no load shedding and no protests for more money ,because everyone have enough of everything!  You don’ have to eat if you don’t want to, so people don’t get fat! No diets! There is no “apartheid” and no affirmative action. No mosquitoes and flies. A real utopia!!!!


What do you do with yourself everyday if you don’t like playing harp and sitting on a cloud? They tell me you can do whatever you like! If you want to do nothing you can do that too! But try it and see how long it takes before you want to eat your toes out of frustration and boredom!!! You don’t work to get money because everything is free!! It sounds like communism to me but they say it works very well. There is no illness or corruption, so doctors ,nurses and lawyers that is not for you. You will have to do something else! There is people who can heal others and they use that to heal us here on earth, and other planets. So what does the helpers do with their time?


They say they help the people on earth.I am their assignment! Poor them! There is at least one of them inside me who know everything i do and see.They know everyday what will happen to me and they protect me from mortal harm. But they are not allowed to but into my live and change things as they like. Everyone of us have a free will to decide for ourselves. They may only give suggestions but not take over!! Some of them work in the arts and some are thinking about new things. If they see it will work on earth then they tell some of us when we are asleep. Our subconcious minds tells us and we discover it on earth! They also tell our subconcious minds at night how we must live and work and how to handle things on earth .We can then the next day decide if we want to do it like that, or not.Our subconcious works just like a computer. What you put in, is what is coming out.It cant think for itself. It can only store suggestions and it is we who have to decide what to use.

3 pienk blomme

Every time i start to talk about something it is like a cloudburst of things i would like to tell you . One can’t do everything at once. So let’s  stop here for today and then we will go on at a later stage.

Live in the Light and enjoy!!