Not as above so below !

How does heaven look? Is there golden streets and are the people sitting on clouds playing harp all day? Do you think it is just like earth but maybe a little brighter and nicer? I wondered and read a lot about it ,and got a lot of different answers from different people. If you want a lively party just ask people what do they think how does it look up there!

sunset met plante


And then suddenly one day i hear a voice in my head speaking to me! I had lots of problems at that stage and was seriously looking for answers.I was very afraid and was wondering if i was finally around the bend. Because in my world there is no voices talking in my head.From that day on i was clairaudient ,as i learned later they called it.That is now 5 years back and still the people from above is talking to me!! They told me they are God’s helpers.Their work was to help me understand things and help me through life.They  place me in situations on earth where i can learn the best ways to handle crisis and to grow!!! So it is not me alone who is talking to you,my friends from above is here too!

Now back to our first question. How does it look in heaven? They say it will look to everyone as he believe it will. If you want golden streets you will have it and if you think it looks the same as on earth then it will. That’s why they call it heaven!!! Everyone will get what he wants!! Unbelievable! That must then be heaven!!! There are some things that we don’t have words for on earth because we don’t have it here. So it is always difficult to tell me about them! But we will try our best to tell you everything they are allowed to! There are no cars and aeroplanes. You have only to think about a place or a person and then you are there!!! Just by thought!! The climate is ideal, not too warm and not too cold,just right, like  the porridge of the three bears.

There is no load shedding and no protests for more money ,because everyone have enough of everything!  You don’ have to eat if you don’t want to, so people don’t get fat! No diets! There is no “apartheid” and no affirmative action. No mosquitoes and flies. A real utopia!!!!


What do you do with yourself everyday if you don’t like playing harp and sitting on a cloud? They tell me you can do whatever you like! If you want to do nothing you can do that too! But try it and see how long it takes before you want to eat your toes out of frustration and boredom!!! You don’t work to get money because everything is free!! It sounds like communism to me but they say it works very well. There is no illness or corruption, so doctors ,nurses and lawyers that is not for you. You will have to do something else! There is people who can heal others and they use that to heal us here on earth, and other planets. So what does the helpers do with their time?


They say they help the people on earth.I am their assignment! Poor them! There is at least one of them inside me who know everything i do and see.They know everyday what will happen to me and they protect me from mortal harm. But they are not allowed to but into my live and change things as they like. Everyone of us have a free will to decide for ourselves. They may only give suggestions but not take over!! Some of them work in the arts and some are thinking about new things. If they see it will work on earth then they tell some of us when we are asleep. Our subconcious minds tells us and we discover it on earth! They also tell our subconcious minds at night how we must live and work and how to handle things on earth .We can then the next day decide if we want to do it like that, or not.Our subconcious works just like a computer. What you put in, is what is coming out.It cant think for itself. It can only store suggestions and it is we who have to decide what to use.

3 pienk blomme

Every time i start to talk about something it is like a cloudburst of things i would like to tell you . One can’t do everything at once. So let’s  stop here for today and then we will go on at a later stage.

Live in the Light and enjoy!!

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